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Why Buhari won’t publish US list of looters, bunkerers

President Muhammadu Buhari has said his government will soon begin to probe thieving ministers that served under ex-President Goodluck Jonathan. The Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole who seems to be playing to the gallery has also said their was primitive looting by the Jonathan regime.

And now we are told there is a US list of looters that the United States government gave Buhari. Everybody is making noise but the real question is: Will Buhari ever publish the touted looters list from America? Unless the US or Buhari himself announces such a list, everything said about it is mere hearsay.

Although it is widely speculated that US authorities handed over the names of Nigerian oil thieves to Buhari, there is no hard evidence of that yet. Even if such a US list exists, it isn’t in itself admissible in court. It can only point at those to investigate and where to look, assuming that such a list has great details about each loot, its looter and its stash point e.g. offshore bank accounts where the loot is deposited.

Therefore Nigerians may be waiting in vain for such a list. However, talks like this would serve to strengthen the resolve of Buhari to reclaim the collective loot, bring the looters to justice and erect superstructures that would discourage reckless looting of our common wealth under and after him.

Sources confirm that Buhari indeed was given two lists; one listing the names of top government officials who have been stealing the country’s oil, using their high offices to perpetrate the stealing; and the other containing the names of illegal oil bunkerers.

The President had said last week that some ministers in the cabinet of Jonathan were stealing as much as 250,000 barrels of Nigeria’s crude daily.


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