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When your car is on fire and the police look away, are they friends? Sola Salako asks

Consumer rights advocate Sola Salako has a big reason to query the genuineness of the controversial slogan of the Nigeria Police: “The Police is your friend” based on her personal experience Monday night, July 20 while driving along the streets of Lagos and noticed two things; two distressed ladies with a burning car, and a policeman nearby.

She shared this story on her Facebook newsfeed just as the event occurred: “A car caught fire at about 9:30pm this evening at the Maryland traffic lights (in Ikeja, Lagos) while two ladies struggled to operate the fire extinguisher.

“As we drove past, I saw a policeman on the other side of the road attempting to stop a vehicle. Relieved to finally find someone who could assist the ladies, I quickly rolled down my window, slowed down and called out to the policeman.

“Officer, there is a car burning at the traffic light. Please help them” I called out to him.

“Without missing a beat, the policeman shouted back at me ‘We are not the fire service’ and promptly went back to his illegal checkpoint duties!

“And they say police is your friend? I better go learn how to operate a fire extinguisher… and fast too!”


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