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VP Osinbajo is a lot richer than his boss, Buhari, but…

President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday made public details of their assets, which had been declared to the Code of Conduct Bureau.

According to presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, Buhari has about N30 million in his only bank account with the Union Bank, while the Vice President has a balance of N94 million, $900,000 and 19,000 pounds in his bank accounts.

This shows how much richer than Buhari, Osinbajo is. However this is the first time that the top two citizens of Nigeria would make public so much of their networth, a disclosure that heightens the anti-corruption campaign of their administration.

Shehu said the President has shares in Berger Paints, Skye Bank and Union Bank and a total of seven houses, comprising two mud and a standard house in Daura, his hometown; two homes in Kaduna, one in Kano and one in Abuja.

Also belonging to the President are two undeveloped plots of land in Kano and Port Harcourt. The President did not ascertain the location of the Port Harcourt land, according to the statement.

Buhari also has an orchard and a ranch in Daura with 270 heads of cattle, 25 sheep, five horses, a variety of birds and a number of economic trees in them.

But the statement did not disclose the worth of the landed property and other assets, which both the President and the Vice President had declared.

Shehu said the President had no oil well and foreign bank accounts.

Buhari was also said to have declared that he had several cars, two of which he said were bought with his savings and the others supplied to him by the Federal Government in his capacity as a former Head of State.

“The rest were donated to him by well-wishers after his jeep was damaged in a Boko Haram bomb attack on his convoy in July 2014,” Shehu added.

Shehu said Vice-President Osinbajo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, declared a four-bedroomed residence at Victoria Garden City in Lagos; three-bedroomed flat in Ikoyi, Lagos; two bedroomed flat at the Redempion Camp, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway; and a two-bedroomed mortgage property in Bedford, England.

Osinbajo operates his Simmons Cooper Law firm, which is based in Lagos and has shares in MTN Nigeria, Octogenerium Ltd., Windsor Grant Ltd., Tarapolsa Vistorion Ltd., and Aviva Ltd., all in Lagos.

Osinbajo is also said to have one Infinity 4-Wheel Drive SUV, one Mercedes Benz and a Prado Jeep.

Shehu’s public statement read in part, “The documents submitted to the CCB, which officials say are still being vetted and will soon be made public, show that prior to being sworn in on May 29, President Buhari had less than N30m to his name. He also had only one bank account, with the Union Bank. President Buhari had no foreign account, no factory and no enterprises. He also had no registered company and no oil wells.

“The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo (SAN) who had been a successful lawyer before his foray into politics declared a bank balance of about N94m and $900,000 in his bank accounts.

“President Buhari declared however that he had shares in Berger Paints, Union Bank and Skye Bank.

“The documents also revealed that President Buhari had a total of five homes, and two mud houses in Daura. He had two homes in Kaduna, one each in Kano, Daura and in Abuja. One of the mud houses in Daura was inherited from his late older sister, another from his late father. He borrowed money from the old Barclays Bank to build two of his homes.

“President Buhari also has two undeveloped plots of land, one in Kano and the other in Port Harcourt. He is still trying to trace the location of the Port Harcourt land.”

Talk about coming to equity with clean hands. Nigeria has never had this semblance of forthrightness in leadership in her history since Independence. Buhari and Osinbajo probably have the highest moral persuasion to right the wrongs in the country than anyone else before them.


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