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US police to arrest twerking girls, but Nigerians pay them at parties

Police in Washington DC are looking to arrest two women caught on shop CCTV accused of sexually assaulting a man by twerking against him and fondling his genitalia. Interesting, because in Nigeria, randy men spray them with money for twerking, isn’t it?

Twerking is to dance or move your body in sexually suggestive twitches and jerks. The incident happened recently at a store on the 1700 block of New York Avenue.

Surveillance video shows a man talking on the phone while getting money from an ATM.

In the footage, two African-American women in short dresses come into the store. One of the women, wearing a silver dress, rubs her butt against the front of the man while purchasing something.

When the victim backs away, her friend, in a short red dress makes several attempts to cozy up to the man, including trying to touch his pants inseam.

It appears the man did not know the women and had no interest in getting better acquainted.

The two women left the store, but police are now trying to find them.

The twerking might seem like fun and games to some, but DC police believe the two women should be charged with third degree sexual assault, which includes inappropriate touching and “involves actual force, threats putting the person in fear of death, bodily injury or kidnapping, or rendering the person unconscious.

In April 2014, three women in Beaverton, Oregon, were arrested for twerking near a court house. In April 2015, three women in southern Russia were sentenced to brief jail terms after making a twerking video.

Trending musical videos are all full of twerking. As it is, the whole world has to deal with twerks and twerking, and the last time I checked, twerking has made its way into some churches, home and abroad. It is serious.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s election campaign TV video is full of twerking as its main attraction. Welcome back to Nigeria, where men are happy to have strange women twerk at them.


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