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Suitor flogs rival to death over bride in Katsina

Ever since I was told a story in primary school about how young Fulani suitors get flogged for asking to marry maidens in northern Nigeria, I concluded that it is a sadist culture that belonged in prehistoric anywhere, not just Nigeria. I was told that the flogging tested the tolerance level of each suitor.

And now a young man, Yari Inusa, has died while competing with another suitor for a lady’s hand in marriage. He died in Durmin Biri village, in the Kafur Local Government Area of Katsina State, a Punch report says.

Police sources said the man died following injuries he sustained on the head when he engaged in a Fulani traditional game of Sharo with another man, Ahmed Saidu, to determine who would marry the lady.

Sharo game entails two male suitors flogging each other for a woman’s hand in marriage. Whoever wins between them will marry the girl.

Inusa had reportedly flogged Saidu without any incident, but tragedy struck when it was the turn of Saidu to flog Inusa.

Saidu allegedly hit Inusa on the head, instead of hitting him on the back as the rules of the game dictates.

Inusa was said to have fainted after he was hit on the head; and eventual died.

The Katsina State Police Command spokesman, DSP Gambo Isah, confirmed the incident.

He said, “Inusa’s father, Mallam, reported the incident to the police, leading to the arrest of Saidu.”

He said Inusa’s corpse had been released to the family and buried according to Islamic rites.

To be fair, not only Saidu should have been arrested; a stern police warning should have rang out through all the northern states that this barbaric act be stopped and anyone caught still doing Sharo would be prosecuted.

Katsina, the state of this particular Sharo murder should bell the cat and enact an edict against Sharo.


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