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Not much choice between Jonathan, Buhari

One of the greatest evils that this present brand of politics is foisting on us as Nigerians is the tendency for otherwise intelligent people to rationalise and defend evil just because it is being perpetrated by members of the political party we support or belong to.
We seem to forget that whatever is wreaked today by the evil we condone will take decades or even generations to repair. It is much faster to destroy than to build. When we say things that encourage the political class (who seem to be largely made up of a peculiar breed of people) to think the end justifies any means, it shows that we are mentally famished and morally bankrupt and have no eye on the future.
What makes us think we can exist as an island with our own peculiar set of morals and rules of human interaction? We behave in ways that suggest we hold nothing sacred and have no idea how our actions today shape the destiny of our nation and our children’s future. We act like retards who see tragedy as comedy.
People that should be in special jails (and they litter all the parties) are the ones directing the affairs of our nation. There is no crime big or horrendous enough in Nigeria to make you a pariah in the community as long as you belong to the clique in power or have enough money to buy relevance. The only real crime you can commit when it comes to public funds is not stealing enough to afford a battery of SANs to muddle up the State’s case against you, compromise both the prosecution and the Bench, and buy you enough time to become a Governor (or Senator) and get at least four years of immunity (before you become an ordinary, sue-able citizen again).
Nigeria is the only country in the world where I have seen an ordinary citizen get a permanent injunction from being prosecuted for stealing public funds! The president of the country uses pedestrian analogies reminiscent of the ranting of a court jester to explain why he cannot tackle corruption.
He sees public treasury as a sumptuous tuber of yam and public servants as goats who cannot but eat the yam they are supposed to tend! It would be funny if it was not so tragic that this is the thought process of the man that actually oversees the affairs of 180 million Nigerians!
The greater tragedy though is that we are now reduced to a state where we are presented with a choice between a 73-year old former military ruler, renowned for his personal integrity but whom, try as he may, seems hardly equipped for the challenges of governance in a digital age, and a younger, better educated sitting president who has however displayed an uncanny lack of capacity to govern on so many levels and has elevated the love of all things corrupt to statecraft!
Meanwhile, one is left with no choice but to wonder how much a GMB will really be able to do in tackling Nigeria’s hydra-headed monsters when you look at the people he has been compelled to dine with in order to get his (fourth and final) chance of becoming president. Talk about being caught between a rock and a hard place!

(Written by WALE BAKARE | London)


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