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Miracle as Ghana Celebrates New Religious Opportunity

When I announced in Lagos and on social media on December 29 and January 1 that 2018 is the Year of Opportunity all over the world and that it is God’s decision, I am sure many didn’t quite understand it.

Please watch this video and discover the miraculous OPPORTUNITY God has just created in Ghana. It isn’t crude oil. It is religious tourism.

Come early to the CELESTIAL SHOWERS this Sunday 7.00am for praise, prayers, prophesy and preaching on 2018: OUR YEAR OF OPPORTUNITY.

Already, some Villers have started sharing their new opportunities with me. You will too, soon in Jesus name. Amen.

See you on Sunday 7.00am @The Ville – 302A Muritala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos. Dress Code: Soutane/Sutana/Pure Whites. For free seat reservation in our mini auditorium, please call 07051491583.

For Villers overseas, audio and downloadable PDF will be made available after our January 7 Celestial Showers by CCC PraiseVille.

Celestially yours,


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