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London-based Yetunde Bustline curses lover, actor Babatee, in viral video

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Babatee Bernard and Yetunde Bustline Oduwole
Babatee Bernard and Yetunde Bustline Oduwole

Nollywood Yoruba actor Babatee – real name Tunde Bernard – has been cursed on a selfie video recorded by his bitter lover, London-based Yetunde ‘Bustline’ Oduwole. The video has gone viral and in just four days of getting posted on Youtube, it has attracted over 82,000 views, not counting views on Facebook, Whatsapp and other access platforms.

In the video, a frustrated and distraught Yetunde warned Babatee to repent of his wickedness towards her or face socio-economic ruin like the other men she had dated in the past who thought they could play a fast one on her by jilting her. She shed tears all through the three-minute home video. Babatee’s sin, according to insiders is jilting Yetunde for other girls, a decision Yetunde describes as “drastic” as well as made worse by the pulling down of all her pictures on his Facebook page.

You might also be wondering how trivial and yet extreme a lover’s quarrel can get in Nollywood proportions. Here is their story…

Babatee was said to have lied to Yetunde that his spiritual guide, a prophet, had revealed to him that his future wife would be found in London and she would bear him two kids. He told Yetunde that Deji, Pasuma’s manager, took him to the prophet who revealed that to him. And that Yetunde was the one revealed to him in the prophecy.

Yetunde didn’t believe him at first and didn’t pay him any attention. How she later succumbed to him became a mystery, which her friends and family could not comprehend. Babatee had been begging Yetunde to marry him so he could come and settle down in the UK right from the start of their relationship. He was said to have complained that he was not earning much from home videos and would like to relocate to the UK.

The rest, as they say, is history. Both started their hot romance and Babatee flaunted her photos on Facebook and on his phones. But all that is over now or so it seems. Babatee no longer has any use for her. He has moved on to other escapades to sow his wild oats.

When some of his Yoruba video industry people heard of Babatee’s plot to befriend Yetunde at all cost, they turned their back on him and refused to offer him any job. Even his Adebayo Salami caucus turned their back on him. Sources revealed that Babatee made loads of love advances to Yetunde’s friends behind her back. One of her friends told us that he came to her house behind Yetunde’s back professing love to her and begging her not to tell Yetunde when he was kicked out of her flat; but Yetunde wouldn’t listen to anyone when told.

When asked, one of Babatee’s colleagues said Babatee has really dragged the industry’s image in the mud because the whole world would now start to think Yoruba
actors are diabolical and rely on ‘juju’ to get their women. The actor claims to know all Yetunde has done for Babatee and that he is just being ungrateful.

According to him, “No one bites the fingers that feed you. This woman brought Babatee out of the gutters and brushed him up. I know how he was accompanied by another actor to Yetunde’s parents’ house to beg for Yetunde’s hand in marriage. We all knew how he begged. So all these lies he is now telling is really shocking.”

Babatee is said to have cheated on Yetunde severally, and always bragging about how he can satisfy them all, sexually.

Yetunde who also confessed dating quite a few men in the past is said to have been a good woman to Babatee.

Said another of Babatee’s friends: “She did not date any other man for good four years. Even Babatee testifies to that. Yetunde went to a lot of extent to help Babatee. Even when he had no house, no money to renew his visa and when he could not afford a flight ticket to France, Yetunde was the one who begged K1 to give him money to buy his ticket. If such a man is now ungrateful and goes on the Internet to spoil a woman who has helped him so much, then nemesis will deal with him. Must he even reveal the new woman in his life this early? It shows he doesn’t even have any respect for Yetunde. I pity that new girl. She might just have a long way to go in her effort to find a husband.”

Babatee now flaunts images of his fling with another lady to spite Yetunde. It has been alleged that he leaked Yetunde’s three-minute video to the public.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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