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How to identify a Boko-Haram suicide bomber

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A suicide bomber pigeon with own mini-turban?
A suicide bomber pigeon with own mini-turban?

Boko Haram onslaughts have increased since President Muhammadu Buhari took over and unless something more effective is militarily done other than relocating Nigeria’s war base to Maiduguri, the insurgents will soon return to taking over towns and villages in northeast Nigeria.

Presently, Boko Haram use of human and animal suicide bombers is on the rise. Boko Haram tactics at this are the same as Al Qaeda’s and ISIS’s. The leaders who enjoy funding from local and global sources lead epicurean lives in opulence but brainwash youths with the promise of a paradise of eternal pleasure if they would die for their terrorist cause. the men are told they would enjoy unlimited sex with virgins in that idolized paradise for fools.

Unfortunately, the suicide bombers believe them and think they will actually go to some paradise by killing themselves and splashing the blood of ‘innocent infidels’ like you and I upon themselves in the process. Below is a list of useful tips on how to identify a possible suicide bomber. Please raise an alarm immediately if you spot any such bombers by following these tips. Do not attempt to apprehend them, please.


* Wears loose clothing to give the impression that the body is disproportionately larger than the head or feet.

* Wears heavy clothing, no matter the season. For instance, wearing a sweater or raincoat during hot weather, as well as slack or baggy clothes. This makes their body frames to appear excessively larger than their head or feet and as a result. They sweat a lot, resulting from tension and stress of wearing unsuitable clothes.

* Has unusual gait, a robotic walk. Stiff movements, lack of mobility of lower torso or decreased flexibility (from wearing bomb device). However backpacks are becoming increasingly common.

* Displays tunnel vision. The bomber often will be fixated on the target and appear nervous, preoccupied or have a blank stare.

* Appears to be focused and vigilant and may be fervently praying to him/herself – giving the appearance of whispering to someone.

* Displays no response to authoritative voice or direct salutation. Never talks to anyone till the evil mission is accomplished.

* Lacks any plan for own future; unconcerned about eating, receiving purchases or change.

* Walks briskly and deliberately towards a visible objective. May run once close enough to target.

* Demonstrates forceful actions (to reach a desired target by pushing his/her way through a crowd or into a restricted area).

* Displays signs of drug use or hypnosis – including, for example, enlarged pupils, fixed stare, and erratic behavior.

* Carries bags or backpacks (with explosives, nails and other shrapnel). The bomber generally holds his or her bag or backpack tightly. Wires sometimes stick out of the bag.

* Has a fresh shave – a male with a fresh shave and lighter skin on his lower face. May also have shaved his or her head or have a short haircut (This may be done to disguise appearance or to be better groomed when going to paradise).

* May smell of unusual herbal/flower water (in order to smell better when going)

It is has been alleged in several quarters that the over 200 Chibok girls are also being brainwashed in batches and used both as suicide bombers and cannon fodder. So help us God. Amen[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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