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Have you heard? Sacked Edo Pastor plants explosives in church

The man in this story doesn’t make sense, either as a member of the clergy or laity. The time lag between his offence, his arrest and parade in court don’t jell too. Something is amiss. Here is the story…

A fresh Punch newspaper report revealed that Edo State Police Command on Tuesday arrested a 57-year-old pastor, Abel Eku, for allegedly attempting to blow up the headquarters of the Christ Chosen Church of God in Benin with explosive devices.

Now, who does that? Yet Eku claims he wasn’t trying to kill anyone; but just to scare them. Eku was said to have planted the explosives inside the church auditorium on January 22, 2017, prior to the commencement of its international conference.

His plot was reportedly foiled when the objects were detected, leading to his arrest by some policemen. It has taken 58 days from the Sunday Eku planted the explosives to his day in court. The police haven’t given an explanation for this.

The suspect, who was paraded on Tuesday, blamed the act on what he described as bitterness over his dismissal from the church due to marital issues after 25 years of service.

Who in his right senses would pastor a congregation for 25 years, preaching endurance and forgiveness in the face of persecution, and just when fate calls upon him to practice what he preaches, he plants bombs that can bring the whole house and its neighbours down ‘just to scare his persecutors?’

Eku said he did it out of annoyance but later regretted his action, which made him to call the church officials about the location of the bomb.

He also said the bomb was not meant to kill anyone but to cause a scare among church members and elders.

The 57-year-old man, stressed, “It was out of annoyance that I planted the bomb. I was dismissed from the church after serving for 25 years. After planting the bomb, I was not happy with myself.

“I had a change of heart and called the people to tell them about it. It was to scare people. I had to call people to check and detonate it.

“I had marital issues with my wife. We came to the church to resolve it and it was not resolved. It led to my dismissal. I was very bitter about the dismissal. I do not have the intention of killing people.”

RED ALERT: Eku’s trial in court would be incomplete without psychiatric evaluation. He may be on substance use. His recorded sermons, if any, should be assessed and his fitness to remain within society should be expertly screened.


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