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Hamiltonstyle endows awards on child nutrition for writers, photo-graphers

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The HAMILTONSTYLE AWARDS 2015 is a professional initiative specifically endowed to highlight the dangers of poor child nutrition in order to promote excellent child nutrition from 0-24 months. HA 2015 therefore calls on writers and photographers to publish well researched stories and excellent newsy photographs that will arouse public attention and awareness to the essentials of child nutrition in Nigeria.

Our 2015 theme is SMART BABIES AND NUTRITION IN THEIR FIRST 1000 DAYS. This we hope will inspire mothers to care more about exclusive breast feeding and proper nutrient-rich infant formula for complimentary feeding of their babies especially in their first 1000 days of life and living. Brain and Body development in focus.

This is an informal but important journalism competition that health writers as well as non-health reporters, editors, correspondents, columnists, writers, bloggers and photojournalists are invited to participate in.

ENTRIES: Only articles and photos published between July 15 and August 31, 2015 should be submitted. They must be original, historical, analytical, critical and creative, and must be published either online or in the print media. Articles will be judged based on ORIGINALITY, RELEVANCE, RESOURCEFULNESS, WRITING STYLE and NUMBER OF ARTICLES. Writers and photographers from all news blogs and print media houses (on the Health, Business, Brand, Society, Lifestyle and Consumer Desks) are welcome to participate.

REGISTRATION: For your entries to be considered, all participants are required to register for FREE by sending ONE email only to stating their Byline, Profile, Mobile No, Email, Media Organisation or Blog Website and the main reason they wish to participate. This must be done on or before 15 August 2015.

SUBMISSION: Only participants with two or more submissions that were published between July 15 and August 31 will be considered. All printed entries must be original newspaper or magazine cuttings with imprints (not photocopies), submitted in big white envelopes that are sealed and marked: ENTRIES FOR HAMILTONSTYLE AWARDS 2015 with your name, organization and number on the top left corner, addressed and delivered to The Ville: 302A Murtala Mohammed Way, Spencer bstop, Yaba, Lagos between September 1-4. Prior to the final submission of entries, the dates of publication of your works and online links can also be compiled and sent to 08033028029 or emailed to for monitoring. But only physical submissions will be judged.

PRIZES: Child Nutrition is the theme that must run through all articles and photos that are entered for the competition. Three (3) winners will be picked in total; two writers and one photographer. They will receive Award Certificates plus N200,000 gifts. (Read the same details online

JUDGES: Three judges are drawn from the Media, Pediatrics and Nutrition led by the undersigned. Goodluck!


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