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Could this error-ridden email truly represent tax collectors FIRS?

Be very careful dear HAMILTONSTYLE readers. There is an unprecedented flow of fraud hits on the Internet and mobile telephone lines these days. I get propositioned for fraud everyday and I know too many Nigerians who have fallen victim to these fraudsters.

Just this morning, I received a message from a man with a funny name who claims to be a pastor in India and in just a few short chats between us, he was asking if I wanted to make money in Christian Ministry? Of course if I answered yes, he would feast on my greed and feed me with baits till he fleeces my pockets one way or another.

Again today, I received an unsolicited Yahoo mail, which I have reproduced below. I read the many errors in it and I query the genuineness of it. Just in case you receive a similar email, please treat with caution. Unless you are a big corporation, you don’t need a tax consultant or intermediary to pay your tax to FIRS. Don’t fall victim to anyone… I have deliberately hidden the tax consultant’s identity for obvious reasons so please peruse the letter below for your own safety:

Dear Sir/Ma,

The FIRS has just release a publication for companies who has not filled their annual income tax . We quote a session of the publication “We are therefore demanding that all defaulting companies should prepare and file their outstanding income tax returns and pay the tax due for each of the outstanding years within fourteen (14 days) from the date of the publications. Failure to file tax returns and pay the tax due is an offense punishable under section 55(5) CITA.

Accordingly, at the expiration of fourteen (14) days FIRS will invoke the provisions of that section and hold the principal officers (Chairman, MD, CEO, Executive and Non-Executive Directors, CFO, ect) of the defaulting company personally liable (individually or collectively) and impose the prescribed sanctions under the law, which includes fines and imprisonment.

As you are aware, your company can not filled tax returns in the NGAAP format, it has to be in the IFRS format which is our specialty as we can convert your accounts books from the NGAAP to the IFRS if we have all the necessary documents available between 3-4 weeks.

What’s Next? Give us a call or email us and we will discuss further.

NB: If this information was not relevant to you, we extend our apology for sending this message.


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