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Drones are delivering fresh blood supplies on time in Rwanda – Jim Kim

Twelfth World Bank President, Dr Jim Yong Kim wants drones, as used in Rwanda, replicated to hasten delivery time for critical medical supplies. He is on a two-day visit to Rwanda.

He made the remarks while touring the drones facility in Muhanga District, Tuesday. Following a site visit and live demonstration of blood supplies delivery using drones by the Zipline team, Kim said the model ought to be replicated elsewhere in the world to help other countries lagging in the delivery of medical supplies.

Below is what Kim posted on his LinkedIn page. It attracted 2,379 likes and 141 comments.

“Greetings from Rwanda. I’m here at Muhanga in Rwanda’s Southern Province where I just piloted one of the world’s first drones that deliver life-saving blood. These drones can travel up to 120 kilometers and carry out more than 100 deliveries per day.

“With the help of these drones, patients no longer have to wait for hours to get fresh blood in remote clinics and hospitals. They can now receive blood transfusion in minutes.

“I want to congratulate the government of Rwanda for developing pioneering services like drone delivery that will improve the lives of millions of people” Kim said.

Recognising the Africa’s fears of a potential mass loss of jobs to technology uptake, Kim said: “One of the greatest challenges, especially in developing countries’ health care systems, is that when someone has an emergency and requires urgent attention, it is often difficult to get the supplies needed.

“In my view, this is exactly what needs to happen. They have taken cutting edge technologies to help countries like Rwanda to leapfrog,” he said, also noting that the Rwanda model should be expanded to deliver more medical products beyond blood supplies to vaccines and urgently required medicines.

COVER PHOTO: World Bank President, Dr Jim Yong Kim at the Zipline drone-port, Rwanda


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