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Drama as court docks Saraki, adjourns till October 21

The Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, caused drama at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, sitting in Abuja today by refusing to mount the dock when his case was called up at 10.30am.

Then the Tribunal Chairman, Justice Danladi Umar, looked directly at Saraki who was sandwiched among his friends, and sarcastically asked the prosecution: “Is the accused person here?”

“My lord I cannot see him. I think the first thing is for him to enter the dock first, then we will announce our appearances. After which the charge will be read to him”, the prosecuting counsel, Rotimi Jacobs replied.

Saraki’s counsel, Joseph Daudu, opposed the idea of docking Saraki quoting an Appeal Court case, Igbeke vs FRN, ‎2015, 3 NWLR. Everyone watched the drama with some tension. Umar however compelled Saraki to enter the dock to enter his plea – guilty or not guilty to a 13-count charge.

Saraki eventually entered the dock at 11.25 and addressed the court, saying: “I am a firm believer of the rule of law. I have come here to subject myself before this tribunal. I strongly believe that I am here because I am the Senate President.

“I felt that the CCB should have called me. We have been hearing about new Nigeria but this is the first time this kind of thing is being done without following due process. Nigerians are watching and the world is also watching… I want to say that I am not guilty.”

Saraki’s case has been adjourned till October 21.

Below is an extract from vicious perspective on the Senate President, which has gone viral on social media. It is titled: The Rise and Fall of Bukola Saraki.

Saraki left the PDP for personal reasons, not because he wanted CHANGE. APC trusted and openly celebrated him. Saraki nominated every single political appointment in Kwara State. He took over the structure of the APC in Kwara. APC narrowly won Kwara with just over 100,000 votes above the PDP.

Race for Senate Leadership began. Three contenders jostled for Senate President position; Lawan from Northeast, Saraki and Akume from Northsouth – all wanted to fill the vacuum created by the Southeast. Buhari and APC preferred Lawan from the NE instead of Tinubu’s friend Akume and Atiku’s choice Saraki.

Saraki and his pushers became arrogant and resolute to disgrace the APC and the President. Although Saraki lost the mock election within his party, he betrayed the APC and teamed up with the PDP to steal the hard earned victory of the APC through the back door. He joined the PDP to ridicule CHANGE while 95% of his APC colleagues were absent.

The intention of Saraki is very clear; he wants to APC to fail, be disgraced and destroyed. But the concern of Buhari is different from APC’s. Buhari wants to eradicate corruption. But Saraki has become the arrow head of business-as-usual in a government of CHANGE! Therefore his book of remembrance was opened. Since Saraki wants to be Nigeria’s No. 3 citizen within a government of CHANGE, he must be thoroughly searched just as No. 1 Buhari and No. 2 Osinbajo.


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