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Don’t Buy Fake N35k Ticket to Our Wedding O – Banky W

HAMILTONSTYLE sources indicate there is a frenzy and desperation on the part of wannabes who want to attend the much talked about November wedding of the stars of Wedding Party (1).

Yes it is crazy, but we hear [and from the horse’s mouth too] that There’s an ongoing sale of tickets to the wedding of Banky W and Adesua Etomi.

Well, don’t fall victime to the ticket fraud if you are one of the eager beavers.

The executive producer of Wedding Party, Mo Abudu, still a hot babe at 50 [Yes] has released Wedding Party (2) so we call the Banky-Adesua upcoming celebrity shindig Wedding Party (3).

That Banky and Adesua are getting married for real [after wedding for fake in her film] is a celebrity endorsement of Mo Abudu’s Midas’ touch in film making. On the flip side, just as marriages don’t seem to be working in Mo’s other film ‘Fifty’ (1 & 2), some actresses that starred in it are also experiencing a myriad of marriage problems in their real homes. [More later].

Meanwhile, Banky W had better make sure that none of those horrid things that surrounded his make-believe wedding to Adesua in Wedding Party (1) happen in their real life wedding; like an ex-girlfriend coming for a breakfast shag in his room the morning of his wedding or a drunk bestman who releases a video (or streams gossips) of his sordid past at his own wedding reception.

And Yes, they had better order a righteous mix of traditional and continental cuisines for their wedding guests.

Banky  W had tweeted this morning Tuesday November 14, that tickets to his wedding being being offered to people for N35,000 were fake.

He warned that anybody who buys such tickets does so at her own peril. Here is his tweet:

Lol. so I hear there are “tickets to the wedding” on sale for 35k. Anyone who believes that, there are some people very ready to sell u other things like “your bvn is blocked” and “I have an Uncle who will dash you $5 mill if u wire just 500k”. Good luck!


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