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Domestics! How safe are you with maids, drivers?

How safe are you with that nanny, maid, steward, cook, security guard, driver, lesson teacher, etc, whether at home or in your office?

Let us do a quick reality check on the security of your home and office regarding your interactions with any or all of the folks listed above.

(1) Before you employ any of the above mentioned people, you need to make sure they have meaningful guarantors and make sure you verify their profiles and addresses. Visit them even after a year or two of their engagement?

(2) When was the first or last time you visited your employee’s home address as provided or call to see if there has been a change in address or phone numbers?

Desperate Housemaids – series by ROK Studios

(3) Did you register your maid, driver, nanny, etc, with the relevant agencies such as the Police or Neighbourhood Vigilante groups? Often such a step keeps your staff in serious check. Also you should keep their recent mugshots, photographs.

(4) Do you have a WhatsApp group for residents only for emergency messages such as when a neighbour is being attacked or robbed, a fire incident, a neighbour is critically ill and needs urgent help and other emergencies? You could be the one in dire need of emergency help some day.

(5) Do you know that your cook, nanny, driver, steward, maid, day care center handlers or lesson teacher, etc, could be HIV positive? He/She may have Hepatitis B or even tuberculosis. All of this are infectious. What will it cost you to do a medical test for them before you employ them? It is your life that is in danger if you engage a sick victim without knowing their medical history.

(6) You get house yearly from an agent who may be gathering sensitive information about you and your household through the different house helps in these days of blackmail, kidnaps, robbery, etc. Have you ever bothered to check where the agent lives or who he or she is?

(7) Do you that the house girl or nanny you allow to sleep in your children’s room could be an agent of the devil; child molester or pedophile?

(8) Do you know that your driver could be a wanted person by the police in another state for theft or kidnapping? Have you done a check on him with the Police and do you have a 5×7 photograph of him?

Never allow your teenage daughters get too familiar with drivers. They can be raped by these drivers. If possible, don’t allow
drivers to take your children to school  and back alone, and don’t let them know your large money movements, else they arrange a heist on you,.

9) Is your security guard a citizen or a foreigner from Niger, Chad or Benin Republic? If he is a foreigner, then he is to be watched more closely as well as registered with the appropriate authorities. Establish also that he is eligible to work here in Nigeria.

10) Never discuss money transactions or cost of your jewellery or valuables in the presence of your domestic staff. They may invite armed robbers into your home.

11) Never allow house helps tidy your room when you are not there, else they would know where you keep your valuables and then wait for the right time to steal and run away with them.

12). Most thieves usually have in-house informants. Please note that the longer your domestic staff work with you, the more dangerous they can become.

13) Are u aware that your domestic staff monitor your movement? Monitor them more. Return home or to the office when they least expect you.

14) The HEAD of the family must ensure that all gates and doors leading into your house are CHECKED and LOCKED by him every night.

(15). Criminals are deadly, They wait for a time to strike when you least expect or suspect them.

Don’t be a victim. Do all the necessary checks immediately.

NEVER EVER GET DOMESTIC STAFF AND DRIVERS FROM THE SAME SOURCE. IT IS DEADLY. Get CCTV installed into your house and monitor from your phones. Protect yourself and your loved ones.


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