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Disgrace again as Lagos Airport plunges passengers into darkness

Frustrated and sweaty, passengers cursed upon arrival into darkness at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos Wednesday night – August 30 – caused by power outage and no generator backup.
The passengers cursed PHCN – Power Holding Company (Nigeria) for the power cut and the airport authorities for not having alternative electricity supply.
In the darkness, the passengers’ frustration was worsened by the total lack of information about when and how to get their luggage because the carousels didn’t work.
“To make matters worse, three flights arrived within 45 minutes of each other, and we were all sandwiched and sweaty” said Tobi Hamilton. She arrived on the KLM flight from London.
“We managed to bale out some darkness using different phone flashlights. I wouldn’t want to be Nigeria’s president at that moment. Everyone said the worst things about Nigeria. I was pained to see an airport that should have been the nation’s pride become a monumental embarrassment.
” I watched an American gentleman ask a uniformed Customs Officer: ‘Did your generator breakdown or something?’ Rather than do some face-saving PR for the country, she replied: ‘It is the Airport generator that’s not working, not my own.’
“I promptly told her off and the gentleman, who had also expected her to try and defend her country or duty post, said ‘Thank you’ to me” a thoroughly disappointed Tobi said.
Light was finally restored and most folks eventually got their luggage, long after the damaged was done and so many foreign visitors, including a British woman who was visiting her husband’s country for the first time, had “seen us finish” as they say.
Until people start losing their jobs for poor handling of responsibilities, nothing will change in Nigeria. It is because the Aviation Minister won’t be queried for this ineptitude that he also won’t query or fire anyone for this massive blunder at the MMIA.

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