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Church girl cursed over sexcapade video posts

Outbursts of anger filled two online church groups over the discovery of a church lass on her Instagram page as MandyKiss001. She had dared to wear church uniform in a video in which she spoke explicitly about penis and vagina, claiming she liked hers long and thick.

Dressed in church whites, the young girl – surname Adefolarin – had made the offensive video on a Sunday morning just before leaving for church with her parents. She appears to be aged between 18 and 22 years.

An online publisher who happened to attend the same church (but not the same branch) discovered the offensive video she’d done in church whites, downloaded it from Instagram and shared it on his church group Monday November 16.

Angered by her audacity, he immediately reported the video to Instagram owners (Facebook Inc) who pulled the video down within the hour. Other church members posted their angry comments on two separate WhatsApp groups.

MandyKiss is said to have 118,000 followers spread across multiple social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram and her posts are all about sex and sexuality.

Her misdemeanor has been reported to the Church pastorate and a healthy manhunt has begun for her, her parents and parish priest in order to make them face the church’s disciplinary committee.

To save the church any embarrassment, I have featured her un-uniformed images only


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