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Caught on Camera: Woman steals bag, phone in church

A woman has been caught on camera stealing a handbag. It was a well practiced robbery right in the midst of unsuspecting busy bodies. She gave her name as Moji.

The good news is that she was caught on camera and a citizens arrest made on her.

“It was in our parish in the Redeemed Christian Church of God – RCCG Lagos Province 17, Abule Egba” said a female parishioner.

“When she was caught, she first denied stealing anything. But when the church’s CCTV footages were played to her, she came clean.

“She confessed she had stolen in our church a few months before. Then she came back on Sunday September 10th and stole a member’s handbag as shown in the video” the parishioner told HAMILTONSTYLE.

In addition to the handbag, Moji’s heist included sundry car keys, a high-end smartphone and what looked like a flat jewelry box.

Footage of the CCTV recorded video showed her walk swiftly into the scene as some children ran around the chairs. She acted like the proverbial church rat. swift to the take.

Within a twinkle of an eye, she had snatched the handbag off an empty chair, while its probable owner and a group of female friends chatted away with their backs turned on the crime scene.

See what was caught on camera…

When interrogated, the thief confessed to stealing everything that was found on her. She claimed she was there to rob alone, although nobody believed her.

So next time you are in church or any other public place, remember: Thieves don’t consider any place too holy or unholy to steal. Be vigilant.


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