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Buhari Unity Band Unravels Identity Secrets of Nigeria’s Unity

Upscale socio-political group, Buhari Unity Band (BUB), has joined the trending cry for the unity of all tribes and sections of the country in order to guard against looming disintegration, affirming it is already entrenched in Nigeria’s fundamental identity bastions.

Speaking to the media in Lagos, Tuesday August 21, Dr. Yomi Oyekoya, Convener and Vice-President, BUB, explained that the founding fathers of Nigeria grew the nation’s identity through well-thought out ideologies and virtues.

He said, “Our dear country Nigeria wasn’t founded in abstract but on concrete ideologies and virtues which are succinctly expressed in the national coat-of-arms as ‘unity and faith, peace and progress’ and the national flag where white depicts peace and unity.

Nigeria’s coat of arms

“Similarly, the popular last line of the national anthem describes Nigeria as ‘One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity’ just as a vital phrase of our national pledge urges us to ‘defend her unity.’ Only unpatriotic citizens that have been made to learn and understand these key things will still get involved in the disunity of Nigeria” Oyekoya said.

Nigeria’s flag – peace and unity

Alhaji Jamiu Abiola, Vice-President, BUB on Ethnic Harmony and Conflict Resolution, explained: “President Muhammadu Buhari did what no other Nigerian Head of State could do to heal the hearts of Nigerians by honouring my late father, Chief MKO Abiola with GCFR, thus acknowledging him winner of the June 12, 1993 presidential election. This is the height of political unity.”

Explaining BUB, the group’s Director of Communication and Media, Dr. Kunle Hamilton, said that it is a progressive band with unique capabilities to promote the unity of Nigeria, a mission which tops President Muhammadu Buhari’s agenda.

“At BUB, we realise that those sowing seeds of discord prevent the masses from seeing and knowing the truth. These corrupt disrupters have been using their looted money to incite Nigerians against each other. Unfortunately, they are privileged Nigerians who are united in looting.

“Right thinking Nigerian voters must be reminded that disunity, insecurity and corruption have marred almost every attempt our country has made at self-governance. But with Buhari, Nigeria has a true symbol and builder of national unity” Hamilton said.


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