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As Britain exits EU and Cameron resigns, Africans may be doomed

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David Cameron has resigned as British Prime Minister following the reality of Brexit. Britons voted 51.9% to leave the European Union in their June 23 referendum. Cameron’s gamble fell short by just 3% at 48.1% and already his haters are saying history will not judge him right by losing a referendum he kept as a campaign promise against his better judgement, but out of electoral integrity.

Cameron did the best he could, but even the Queen of England ‘voted’ Brexit; she didn’t need to queue up and vote like her subjects, but her support for Brexit as front page news may have swung more votes in favour of Brexit. Although folks have tried to debunk the queen’s support for Brexit, it’s fait accompli already.

Cameron’s resignation and Britain’s silly exit from the EU have been termed “the beauty of democracy” in some quarters, despite the immediate ugliness that now comes with Brexit. The British Pound immediately fell to a 31-year low – below $1.35 in just 12 hours of Brexit.

Some Nigerian opinion leaders in politics and media supported Brexit in the days that led to the referendum, arguing that African immigrants will benefit somehow from it. I don’t see how. President Barack Obama on his last trip to the UK had warned Britain how much weaker it could become economically by exiting the EU. Cameron told his people the same. As it is, the wise ones had their say, but Brexit is proof that the foolish have had their way. And by just three percentage points.

In the United States, Obama has lost his say on why the US should accommodate and give residency rights to about 4 million immigrants, majority of whom are Europeans and Africans. The US courts stopped Obama’s move. Very unfortunate for Africans struggling in the shadows and dodging the US authorities.

And now in the United Kingdom, Britons have also voted against immigrants. Oh yes, that’s what Brexit is about. Cameron never liked immigrants, but with his resignation, you can expect he will be replaced by a worse hater of immigrants. Of course things will get worse for Africans struggling in the shadows and dodging the UK authorities.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, had warned that Britain would be treated as a “third party” and have no access to the Single Market.

“If Britain votes to leave the EU, it will no longer be able to benefit from the advantages of the European common market. And any negotiation will involve the 27 remaining EU members with someone who would then be a third party. I can’t imagine that (its status after leaving) would be any kind of advantage, but the decision is ultimately up to the Britons,” she added.

The process of leaving the EU and the brunt of that on African immigrants will take at least two years to fully manifest. A Brexit vote is not legally binding, and there are a few ways it could theoretically be blocked or overturned. However it would be political suicide for Cameron to go against the will of his people as expressed in a referendum.

Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union establishes the procedures for a member state to withdraw from the EU. It requires the member state to notify the EU of its withdrawal and obliges the EU to then try to negotiate a withdrawal agreement with that state. Once Britain invokes Article 50, it will have a two-year window in which to negotiate a new treaty to replace the terms of EU membership. Britain and EU leaders would have to hash out issues like trade tariffs, migration, and the regulation of everything from cars to agriculture.

In the best-case scenario, Britain may be able to negotiate access to the European market that isn’t that different from what it has now. Norway is not a member of the EU, but it has agreed to abide by a number of EU rules in exchange for favorable access to the European Common Market.

This British exit could be very bad for the British economy as the immediate fall of the almighty British Pound Sterling indicates. In the short run, uncertainty about Britain’s future relationship with the EU, its largest trading partner, could push the UK into a recession and this would mean tighter noose around the necks of immigrants in the UK who are already being repatriated to Nigeria and other countries by the droves.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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