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Birthday concert TOWA 2016 plays up gospel with a praise twist

towa abigail towa africana towa saxophine towa segun toba

TOWA which means TIME OUT WITH AARE is an annual birthday concert recently hosted in Lagos, Nigeria by gospel music director Oluwasegun Toba aka Aaretivity. He created and hosts the concert to “celebrate everyone born in my month of April.”

The first edition of TOWA was held 2011, the second in 2012 and the third after a three-year break was held 2016 – all three in Lagos.  Toba used the current TOWA to promote his latest gospel fad, IYINISM – a praise promoting project.

IYINISM according to Toba  means “the art of praising God” and it is divided into four channels in its promotion of God’s praise. The first is ‘Iyinism 24/7’ which is praising God always with one’s totality (lifestyle, prayers, utterances, dressing, relationships, etc). Next is ‘Iyinism Photo Praise’ praising God through photography, videography, drawings, sculpture, painting etc.

The third channel is ‘Iyinism Gospel Poetry’ and the fourth, ‘Iyinism Live’ – praising God before a live audience like Toba and his friends did at TOWA 2016. It was hosted at Shaddaiville Ministries in Yaba, Lagos.

Musical performances were done by Aaretivity &d Palace Crew, ShaddaiEchoes, Abigail, Saxophine, Preserved Crew, 2RuMusic, Africana, Shaba Seldom, Wole Praise, while Holy Spencer and MC Mable presented comedy.

TOWA 2016 was proudly supported by Shaddaiville Ministries, Aaretivity Media, De Shakers Music, Omoba Productions, Light Arts and Team TOWA.


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