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Abuse of security escorts trends afresh in Nigeria

Nigeria´s nouveau riche, old money bags and top public officials are known for misusing or abusing security escorts attached to them. It is common sight to see military, paramilitary and police escorts carrying handbags an doing domestic chores for their principals or shining the shoes of retired General Abdulraham Dambazzau, minister of the interior, like an operative of the Department of Security Services(DSS) did in December as captured in a phone video that went viral.

Apparently irritated by the way security officials are treated by the VIPs to which they are attached, the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, in May last year, warned police officers against running errands or doing domestic chores for their principals.

“Those of you who are posted to VIPs, on no account should you carry their bags and on no account should you act as domestic servants to them,” Arase told police inspectors and other rank and file on May 21, 2015, shortly after he was appointed Inspector General.

“You are police officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and they must respect you as such. Your uniform must be respected, anybody who wants to hire a domestic help should not use our policemen who are sent to protect them as domestic help.
“I have directed the commissioner of police in charge of the airports that if they find any of you carrying boxes (of VIPs) and rifles, and dragging them all over the place, they should arrest you and you will be punished.”

To stop this nasty trend that ridicules all security agents and agencies, a similar instruction should be enforced as law across board. However, people have observed that most Nigerians (and indeed Africans) have a subservient mentality. So even in their uniforms, many of these security agents probably domesticate themselves in expectation of constant cash gifts.


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