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Right Skin Tightening Treatment for Your Complexion

While most people can seek skin tightening treatments for sagging skin without concern for their complexion, there are those of us who have to take a closer look at how the procedures will affect us. Certain skin complexions can narrow down our choices drastically.

Beauty treatment to tighten skin
Beauty treatment to tighten skin

Causes of Sagging Skin
Damage from the environment such as overexposure to the sun and pollutants like smoking can affect our skin and cause sagging. The most common reason, though, is due to aging. While we are young, our skin produces the necessary collagen for repairing and replacing damaged cells. As we age, the skin slows the production of this essential ingredient, stretching the cells and making them sag. To revitalize the skin, collagen inducing treatments will provide the best results.

How Your Complexion Changes Treatment Choices
Since many treatments involve heating the skin cells, the color tone and condition of your skin will affect the results and may even put you at high risk of injury. Those with very pale skin tend to reflect light and thus won’t receive the same results as someone with darker tones. Treatments that are abrasive will cause harmful effects on someone prone to severe acne.

Ablative Treatments
An ablative procedure is one in which the surface of the skin is damaged in order to encourage healing and to reveal the underlying, fresh skin cells. For anyone with darker skin tones, this is one method you should definitely avoid. Melanin, which gives skin its color, is produced in the surface of the skin. Damaging the surface disrupts melanin production resulting in blotchiness and discoloration. You may get the tighter skin you desire, but it will come with hyper-pigmentation as well.

Non-ablative Methods
Non-ablative treatments, or ones that don’t cause harm to the skin surface, are generally best for all skin conditions. They target the cells beneath the surface of the skin and thus don’t cause discoloration of the skin. However, that doesn’t mean all methods work on all skin tones.

Laser Light Therapy
Using infrared light lasers may not be as effective on darker skin as it is on lighter tones. It is done through the use of laser equipment that emits light energy to penetrate the deeper layer of skin. Since dark colors absorb light and light colors reflect it, different tones will produce differing results. This laser equipment can cause burns on dark skin tones, if the technician isn’t experienced with handling it.

Radio Frequency Treatments
Since radio frequency procedures use sound and not light, the color of one’s skin does not play a factor in how the treatment works. Plus it works in the lower layer of skin without affecting the skin’s surface, meaning it will work with all skin types. This method doesn’t produce the same noticeable results as laser light therapy and takes longer for the full results to appear, but it is a far safer choice if you have a challenging complexion to work with.


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