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Member says Mobiyina Oshoffa, Banjo, others are enemies of Celestial Church

Adetokunbo Anthony Soyoye


Reverend Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa and church trustee, Superior Evangelist Samson Olatunde Banjo have been accused of preventing the unification of the Celestial Church of Christ at the 2015 Christmas convocation of Celestians in Celestial City, Imeko, Ogun State.

This accusation is contained in a viral report credited to a Celestial prophet based in Vienna, Austria – Adetokunbo Anthony Soyoye. In it, Mrs Edith Oshoffa-Adewusi, favourite daughter of the church founder, Pastor Samuel Bilewu Joseph Oshoffa who died in 1985, was mentioned as a witness.

Edith is also a younger sister to Emmanuel Oshoffa, erstwhile Pastor of the church who was recently ordered by an Appeal Court in Ogun State, along with other self-declared pastors, to stop parading themselves as pastors of the church.

Edith does not support the ongoing dismemberment of the church, a position which irks her brother who seems to consider her an enemy of sorts. She had stood boldly at the Celestial Cathedral in Imeko to advise the male elders of the church to sheathe their chauvinism and allow true unification to reign. Unaware of the anti-unification politics playing out, the naive Celestial crowd eager to start the service had booed her suggestions.

HAMILTONSTYLE reproduces below the post credited to Soyoye – his views as posted to the Facebook page of ‘Celestial Reformation and Unification Forum on January 5, 2016…

Brethren, if you will take your time to read through, I have a very important information to pass on. There is division, moral decadence, spiritual setback, ungodliness, love for money and greed in the Celestial Church of Christ (and) it isn’t news anymore.

Recently, during the last (2015) Christmas Convocation at Imeko, a golden opportunity to get the church reunited – where we would have been able to put an end to our aged long division and factionalism – came up?

Unfortunately, it may interest you to know that Superior Evangelist Samson Olatunde Banjo and Rev. Emmanuel Mobiyina Oshoffa and their cohorts in Ketu, vehemently refused this opportunity and jettison the plans to get all factions united under one umbrella to worship in the Celestial City Cathedral at Imeko.

Therefore, for purposes of records and avoidance of doubts, I make bold to state unequivocally that:

1. The Unification Group in its attempt to unite the church, facilitated a meeting of all factions in the church, including the two most prominent – Emmanuel Oshoffa and Samson Banjo faction and ‘Baba’ Josiah Owodunni – inside the Palace of his Royal Highness, the Oba of Imeko.

2. Present in the meeting on that fateful day (24th December, 2015) was the Royal Father himself with about 20 of his Chiefs and elders from the community.

3. Also present was our beloved Mother Edith Oshoffa, ‘Baba’ Woleader Johnson, ‘Baba’ Awobokun, and representatives from various factions.

4. After about 5-6 hours of deliberation, a resolution was reached that all factions must be included in the programme of service for the 2015 Christmas Day Service in the Celestial Cathedral at Imeko.

Thereafter, this agreement was documented stamped and signed by the Royal Father in the presence of all.

5. The content of this document is as follows:
A. Approved Service Conductor: Emmanuel Oshoffa.
B. Approved Preacher: Josiah Owodunni.
C. Approved Announcer: Samson Banjo.

While other functions in the service were to be shared among all other factions in the spirit of true unification.

Unfortunately, in their greed and disrespect for the wish of Papa Oshoffa, ‘Baba’ Banjo, Emmanuel Oshoffa and their cohorts rejected the programme of service that was (agreed to at the palace) and went ahead to conduct the service, notwithstanding jeopardizing the much desired unification of the church.

Therefore, fellow Celestians, let it be known today, and let it be cast in stone for generations yet unborn that: “On the 24th December 2015 in the City of Imeko, Baba Banjo S.O, Emmanuel Oshoffa and their cohorts in Ketu denied Celestians the privilege to worship as one big and united Celestial family in the Holy Cathedral at Imeko City.

Also, Let the whole world know today that these people are anti-Papa Oshoffa’s dream and vision for (a united) Celestial Church of Christ! I pray that this year, the God of Celestial that descended the church through Papa Oshoffa; will fight against the enemies of his Church in Jesus name. Amen

Omoba Bisi Odukoya: Point 1 is the greatest mistake of the biggest order. Who told you that church administration should be discussed in a king’s palace? The best place is lock the two of them with a representative of each faction is in room of Papa Oshoffa. Better result.

Kumoye Jide: the truth is that all we want is Emmamuel Mobiyina Oshoffa and as you could see, when Edith Oshoffa said Josiah Owodunni should preach, the congregation echoed “Nooooo.” So how can u present Owodunni to us since 1985 (that he distanced himself) and want him to preach upon his return? It’s not fair; and with all he had against our beloved Alexander Abiodun Bada… He should first apologise b4 anything else.

ADDENDUM: Mr. Adetokunbo Anthony Soyoye sent me a note on Facebook today 08 January 2015 11.11am saying: “God bless you, sir. Thanks for the mail you sent. I am not the original writer (of the post credited to me). Mr. Peterson (is)… but you can post it on your blog.”


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  1. Mr man talk wit sense na… 1stly is it polite 4 a normal brother 2 go against his elder brother? Watch ur self b4 Papa Oshoffa decide 2 kill u Mr Tokunbo. U beta cum back 2 ur senses bcos its pple frm outsde dat will cum insde. E pada wa s’agbo eyin to ti sako lo (Return to the Celestial fold all you who have gone astray).

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